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Unity is a gaming engine, integrated development environment (IDE), and service suite created by Unity Technologies. It is the most extensively-used game creation system as of 2016.

It is intended for use on mobile devices, desktop computers, consoles, web browsers, and VR devices. In addition, Unity is used for 3D, 2D, and VR/AR applications. Advertising, in-app purchases, and cloud construction are examples of cloud services.

The Unity app is available for both Windows and macOS.

Components, if any, on game objects in Unity are written in C# and are often compiled using Mono or IL2CPP.

PhysX game physics, Mecanim animation, a third-party content shop, and Unity. UI is among the major subsystems.

Although "Unity" is the product name and "unity.com" is the website, "Unity3D" is the tag for Unity on stackoverflow.com, which includes both 3D and 2D projects.